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Live One-Shot:

September 25, 2022 • Start: 4:30 PM
Sentinel Park • 1214 Eugenia St, Columbia, MO 65201

What happens when a group of 6 verified nerds pretend to be magical, heroic dogs who uncover a threatening mystery? Watch a delightful and comedic story unveiled before your eyes, as Detect Nerd presents live gameplay of an original Dungeons & Dragons (& Dogs!) adventure. This performance takes place Sunday, September 25 at 4:30pm on the outdoor stage at Sentinel Park (603 Fay Street in the Arcade District, on the grounds of Witches & Wizards.) Free admission! Adventure-costumed dogs are welcome at the park!

Players include Alex Childers, Cadie Cowden, Chris Dijak, Anna Furstenau, Khaymen Hoelscher and Colter Janssen, with game co-managers Elizabeth Keach and Doug Miller. Detect Nerd is a group of Columbians dedicated to encouraging community among nerds through tabletop gaming. Detect Nerd presents live gameplay, outreach events to encourage new and interested gamers, and will debut a live-streamed adventure campaign on Twitch this fall. For more info visit @DetectNerd on Facebook and Instagram or visit DetectNerd.com.

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