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Live One-Shot:

September 22, 2023 • Doors: 6:00 PM • Start: 6:30 PM
Witches & Wizards Arcade • 1214 Eugenia Street, Columbia, MO 65201

Normaltonville is famously normal, except when it turns... abnormal. Journey back with us to the small town we visited exactly one year ago! This time, heroes of a feline sort take the stage to unravel a strange mystery like a puzzling ball of yarn! In this sequel to the Dogs of Normaltonville, our new adventurers discover that some things are just not what they seem!

Detect Nerd presents yet another improv RPG story on Friday, September 22 in the inside theater at Wizards & Witches Arcade (1214 Eugenia Street.)

This event marks Detect Nerd’s one-year anniversary of presenting live, actual-play shows on Columbia stages.

Doors at 6:00pm, show at 6:30pm. Free admission — but interactive tipping affects the outcome of the game, so bring cash!

Players include Andrea Baka, Chris Dijak, Anna Furstenau, Doug Miller and Travis Scott, with game manager Elizabeth Keach.

Detect Nerd is a Columbia group that presents live improvisatory gameplay on stage, a streaming adventure campaign on YouTube, social meetups for nerdy people, and outreach events to encourage new gamers. For more info check out @DetectNerd on Instagram and Facebook and TikTok; visit DetectNerd.com; browse our YouTube library at @DetectNerdDND; or send an email to info@detectnerd.com.

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