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Witches & Wizards Fantasy Film Night hosted by Detect Nerd:
The Lord of the Rings (1978)

November 25, 2022 • Start: 6:30 PM
Witches & Wizards Arcade • 1214 Eugenia Street, Columbia, MO 65201

Witches & Wizards presents Fantasy Film Night hosted by Detect Nerd. This new series features classic nerd cinema, entertaining live commentary, prizes, and comfortable couches. We start off with 1978’s animated The Lord of the Rings — the first attempt to bring Tolkien’s epic novels to the screen. Director Ralph Bakshi (Fritz the Cat, Wizards) was a loyal fan of Tolkien and a pioneer of independent animation intended for grownups. This version makes extensive use of the rotoscope technique to carefully draw and paint over every frame of a live-acted film — resulting in a dreamy style of animation that mixes realistic action and fantasy.

The Lord of the Rings plays Friday, November 25 at 6:30pm in the upstairs screening room of Witches & Wizards, 1214 Eugenia St. Beverages are available. Detect Nerd's Elizabeth Keach and Doug Miller will introduce the film and provide fun commentary at key points along the way. For more info contact arcadedistrict@gmail.com.

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